mobile checkin
ticket checkin
iPad Kiosk

Mobile App

Fans automatically checkin to your events via your rewards apps on Android and iOS phones.
Set a geofence, time window, and point value for each event with our easy admin.

Ticket & Card Scans

Through our exclusive partnership with Paciolan and our certified partner status with Ticketmaster we are able to offer rewards for ticket scans. You can even award bonus points for early arrival.

iPad Kiosk

Fans swipe an ID or rewards card to check into an event. A custom kiosk is also great for registration and on boarding. View Example



FanMaker beacons let you interact with your fans like never before! Beacons are tiny bluetooth devices that detect your fan’s location (even if their phone is in their pocket). Place beacons at the entrance of your venue, in your stores, at sponsor locations or even on your mascot! When fans walk past a beacon, award them points or send them intelligent push notifications. FanMaker beacons are incredibly tiny, affordable, easy to install, and have a 2 year battery life.

Already Have Beacons? Don’t worry, FanMaker works with any bluetooth beacon, BYOB!

Reward TicketsLive Integration with Your Ticket Office

ticket ticket ticket ticket

Through our exclusive partnership with Paciolan and our certified partner status with Ticketmaster we are able to offer live point rewards for ticket purchases as well as scans. Reward loyal fans for every dollar they spend on tickets, including renewals and bonus points for particular ticket packages.

User Generated
Content & Social

Track and reward every interaction fans have with your team. Encourage follows, likes of your facebook posts, use of your hashtags on Instagram, pinning of your posts on Pinterest, and much more. The extra boost gets you social amplification.

Nascar Team - Social Engagement Results 350% Increase in Post Engagement
& 133% Increase in Reach In Just 2 Weeks
Ticket scan integration Results Increased Student Attendance 32% Year over Year

Reward Everything

Online Activities

FanMaker rewards has the unique technology to reward actions on almost any external site. This means you can reward fans for writing valuable online reviews, voting in contests, watching videos, visiting webpages and more. Talk to us about the website actions that will help your brand most.


Integrate with your POS system or an online shopping cart to track and reward purchases. Increase your sales by incentivizing each dollar spent, in real time. Connect SKU level purchase data with social media and location information for a never before achievable true understanding of your fan's value.

Custom Branded
Mobile Apps

Your custom iOS and android apps will let customers signup, interact with beacons, checkin to events, manage their accounts, shop the prize store and view point opportunities. Best of all you can remotely manage advertisements, custom colors, and graphics instantly with our easy online admin.

Powerful Social
Listening and
Customer Analytics

We combine social media, purchase, attendance, and location data to provide incredibly insightful analytics on your fans, sales, and events. Dive deep into millions of rows of data to micro target like never before and see comprehensive demographics, trends, interests, sponsor mentions, and engagements across all your fans. Every brand interaction, all in one place.

Filter by Thousand of Parameters



Interested in Travel

Talk about Starbucks

Spent $100+

400+ Social Influence

Uses Pinterest


Visited Target Recently

Live in Buffalo, NY

Made 2+ Purchases

Went to U of Buffalo

Work for Boeing

Send Unlimited Mobile App
Push Notifications or Email Messages


For example, contact just the fans currently at your event, or send a coupon to fans that have purchased from you, to those that post an Instagram with your hashtag, or that have a certain level of social influence or even fans who follow your sponsor. Use thousands of available parameters to filter your member list and send an email or an instant push notification through your mobile app.

Business IntelligenceAutomatic Insights on Your Fans

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